We are a community who embrace Jesus Christ as the author and finisher of our faith. Hosting fast to MGA values such as inclusion, we welcome people to come and explore who God is and hopefully discover who they are as a result of seeing Jesus portrayed in the bible. We value active service. Monthly we reach out to our community, our neighbouring communities and other international communities. We believe the life of a Christ-follower can be seen in their active service to those around them. Young adults are challenged to serve in our community and lead as they mature in their relationship with God.

We value expressions of joyful worship, the Ministry of the Holy Spirit and corporate and private prayer. we believe that worship is more than a timely experience, but a life of surrender as mentioned by T. Austin Sparks.

The beginning of everything in relation of God is worship. That is, God having the central supreme place of recognition, of acknowledgement, of government.. God having the supreme right in our complete obedience and surrender in every part and phase of our being.